The NeedleShark reduces your organization's costs, administrative burden and occupational risk...

so you can focus on what's most important.


Whether you are a hospital administrator, department head or other leader, you need institutional-scale speed and efficiency without compromising safety.

Rolling out the NeedleShark across your facility can dramatically reduce worker's comp claims from needlestick injuries and limit your "cradle to grave" liability for injuries caused by your sharps, for which you are responsible even after they've been removed from your facility by a waste disposal service.

At the same time, you could see reduced medical waste disposal costs across your facility in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. It's a win-win.

Independent Medical Practice

You're a doctor or nurse for a busy practice. You're focused on serving your patients and providing the best possible care you can. That includes a safe environment without hazards such as used needles. After all, a needlestick injury could have catastrophic health impacts for you, your nurses or even your patients, not to mention costly lawsuits. That's why the NeedleShark is a smart idea.

Regardless of where your practice is located, theft and reuse of sharps is a very real problem. A NeedleShark in each exam room makes sharps reuse impossible.

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

A 2008 study in the medical journal "Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology" found that sharps that were left out, sharps being recapped, and sharps disposal container-related incidents accounted for an eye-opening 61.1 percent of needlestick injuries the assisted care facility under study. This includes lancets and insulin pens.

All of these potentially life-altering events could have been prevented by placement and consistent use of a NeedleShark everywhere that sharps are in use.


Correctional Facilities

Sharps theft and misuse is a serious problem in prisons. Used sharps are often stolen and used as deadly weapons or for recreational use of smuggled narcotics.

What used to be a problem with no end has a simple and groundbreaking solution: the NeedleShark. Now, you can cost-effectively prevent sharps from falling into the wrong hands by quickly and safely destroying them right in the infirmary, immediately after use.

Mobile Clinics

OSHA compliance in a box! Bring your NeedleShark on the road and discover the easy way to maintain a safe exam environment for your organization's healthcare outreach programs.

The NeedleShark minimizes sharps handling. Paired with a disinfecting product, this means at the end of the day, you don't need to worry about accounting for a box full of needles - just a pile of harmless and sterile particles.

Municipal and City Government

From small towns to big cities, governments around the world are seeking better ways to get used sharps out of circulation. When the NeedleShark is part of your sharps collection program, destroying these dangerous items becomes so simple that you'll wonder how you managed before you had it.

The NeedleShark allows you to render sharps harmless right at the collection point. Plus, it minimizes potential exposure of city employees or contractors to life-threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Together, we can make sharps-related injuries a thing of the past.